The Abelard School is a small private school in downtown Toronto offering advanced university preparation to gifted and motivated students in grades 9 to 12.

The Abelard School is a place where ideas and people matter. Where debate is encouraged. Where our motto is “Don’t be afraid to think!” Where learning progresses logically through an integrated curriculum, and students talk about Plato and Homer, James Joyce and quantum theory in the hallways as well as in the classroom. It is a school where original texts are studied rather than textbooks, and where creativity and innovation are fostered. Abelard is a school for the student who wants to be inspired and challenged to work and think beyond the norm. It is a school for scholars.

The Abelard School has been preparing students to enter university since 1997. The focus of our four-year programme (grades 9-12) is to e
nsure that our graduates enter the best universities in the world, preferably with a scholarship, and with the knowledge and skills necessary to find the transition seamless. Our senior courses are more than adequate preparation for the Advanced Placement examinations, and the majority of our students who have taken these exams have achieved the highest possible score (5/5).
Unlike many schools which also encourage high academic achievement, we are concerned that our students do not limit their future choices by specializing in one particular area, and our curriculum places equal emphasis on the maths and sciences and the humanities. Our size is also unique: we are a small school, and this enables us to provide our students with a personalized education that builds on their strengths. Our philosophy also demonstrates to them that learning takes place not only in the classroom, but in the theatre, in museums and galleries, and through service and involvement in the community. Our alumni tell us that they were significantly better prepared for university than their peers.

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