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The Abelard Mentorship Program

The education we offer is not restricted to the walls of our own school: our teachers draw on our contacts to develop mentorships between our students and university professors. Over the years, Abelard students have acted as research assistants to professors in the Physics, English, Mathematics,Computer Science, Classical Languages, French, History and Drama departments at the University of Toronto. Through our mentorship programme, our students not only develop invaluable skills, they are introduced to university life and develop a network of contacts which serve them well when they apply to university and for university scholarships.

We are immensely proud that since the inception of the prestigious American Thiel Fellowship in 2011, 2 out of the 85 winners have been Abelard School alumni. This highly competitive annual award gives twenty students from the US and abroad $100,000 to pursue a research project of their choice, and pairs them with mentors in their field. Both of the Abelardian Thiel Fellows were participants in Abelard's mentorhip programme while still students at our school.

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