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Our Philosophy

At the Abelard School, we believe the ideal educational environment is one in which teachers and students work together toward a common goal: to make the world better by our contribution to it.

School should be a place where students discover their strengths and learn how to put them to good use. It should teach them how to master skills and meet academic challenges. It should expose students to the knowledge, inventions, art and culture of the past to enrich their appreciation of the world and inspire them to expand the boundaries of their own creativity. It should illuminate the accomplishments and the mistakes of history so that students will be able to make educated choices in their own lives. School should help students to develop a system of morals and values, both through study and through active participation in community service. It should foster a sense of pride and independence.

A good school will produce graduates who are on the road to becoming leaders in every field. A good school will produce graduates who will lead rich and interesting lives and who will in turn enrich the lives of those around them.

Abelard is such a school.

“Education is ultimately much more than simply memorizing individual facts, or even learning individual concepts, and it is in this that the Abelard educational program truly shines.”

Vitalik Buterin: co-creator of software development platform Ethereum; Abelard graduate 2012

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