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Applications will be evaluated according to four criteria: interview, test score, report card, and entrance essay (written at the school). Applicants are additionally invited to submit a piece of work of which they are proud and that demonstrates their potential; if they choose to include this, it will be taken into consideration along with the rest of their application.

All applicants must submit the following:

  • Standardized test scores  -- applicants may write the Abelard SSAT, or they may submit
    test results written at a standardized test location within the same year

  • A copy of their most recent school report card

  • An entrance essay (must be written at the Abelard School)

  • OPTIONAL: A piece of work that reflects the applicant's interests or talents
    (examples may include artwork, music recordings, creative writing, and so on)



We look forward to your application submissions.

Financial Commitments:
Annual tuition fees.
Annual events fees.
Books, supplies, physical education fees, and appropriate clothing

To submit an application, you may apply ONLINE or print the application form below and fax or mail it to the school. Alternatively, you may call or email the school to request a mailed copy of our brochure and application form.


Please direct all correspondence to:
Office of Admissions, The Abelard School, 557 Church Street, 4th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2E2.


Tel: 416-944-0661 Fax: 416-944-8902


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Financial Aid
A limited number of needs-based scholarships are awarded each year. All our applications for financial aid are processed through Apple Financial Services. If you wish to apply, please go to to enter your financial information.

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