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The Sciences program at the Abelard School strongly emphasizes the connections between the sciences and the other disciplines in our curriculum. Our unique and innovative Foundation Sciences course is mandatory for all of our grade 9 students. This course gives them a strong understanding of the fundamentals of the various branches of science, and  the knowledge and skills required to move directly into the specialized grade 11 courses in biology, physics and chemistry in their second year of high school. This is extremely helpful for students who intend to study science at university, as it allows them room in their four years of high school to take every grade 11 and 12 science course offered. Our school laboratory is well-equipped to offer our students the possibility to perform experiments and dissections at every grade level.

The Abelard School

“With the preparation I got at Abelard, I was able to get high marks on a number of A.P. exams. Thanks in part to these, I was accepted to St Andrews University in Scotland, where I have now completed a degree in Neuroscience. I love science and I loved my university, but I know that I wouldn’t have arrived here if not for Abelard.”

Paulina Smoljanski, B.Sc. in Neuroscience, St. Andrews University, Scotland 2015, Abelard graduate 2010

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