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Our Curriculum

The Abelard School offers a coherent and integrated four-year program leading to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

All of our courses are taught at an enriched level, and prepare our students to successfully take the Advanced Placement (AP) exams in Grades 11 and 12.

Central to our curriculum is its integration. We believe that students should not specialize in high school, and that the key to being a well-rounded, successful and happy individual is a well-rounded education. By the completion of Grade 12, our students will have studied the sciences, mathematics, literature, history, philosophy and political ideologies of each of the following periods: the Ancient World, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Reformation, the Age of Reason, the Era of Revolutions, and the Contemporary World.

The Abelard School is a registered Advanced Placement testing centre, and students from our school and from many other schools across the GTA write the AP examinations at Abelard each spring.

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