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Extracurricular Activities

Click on underlined extracurriculars for additional information on those activities.

Model United Nations Club | French class trip to Paris | Drama Club | Debating Society | The Abelard Jazz BandAnnual Ski Trip | NTS Drama Festival Club | Self Defense Club | Certamen Classics Club | Astronomy Club | Chess Club | School Newspaper | Annual Camping Trip

Mentorship Program including: Visits to the physics and biology labs at the University of Toronto.


Regular trips to plays, operas, museums, galleries, and lectures or conferences.

“I was never at a loss for extracurricular activities. While I myself took part in the student council, others joined the debate society, model UN, or even started their own clubs."

Elijah Teitelbaum, 3rd year student, Mount Allison University, Abelard graduate 2011

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