Buterin Scholarship

The Vitalik Buterin Scholarship is  awarded to a student entering grade 9 or 10 who displays exceptional achievement in math, science, and the humanities.


The scholarship, named for Abelard alumnus Buterin, co-founder of the blockchain/cryptocurrency Ethereum, reflects the breadth of his own accomplishments as a student at The Abelard School, and is funded thanks to his generous donation.

This full scholarship is valid for one academic year.

To apply for the Buterin Scholarship, please submit the following:

  1. A letter formally requesting consideration for the scholarship.

  2. A 500 word essay describing what of note the applicant has accomplished so far, and describing their future academic and life goals.

  3. A final report card from the preceding academic year, along with the most recent term report card and/or a transcript, if applicable.

  4. Two letters of recommendation. These can be from 2 teachers, or from 1 teacher and 1 other person (not a family member) who knows the candidate well (another educator,  mentor, community leader, etc.).


For more information contact The Abelard School at 416-944-0661 or info@abelardschool.org.

Asked by Abelard students about the necessity of a broad-based education for success, Buterin responded:



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