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Buterin Scholarship

The Vitalik Buterin Scholarship is  awarded to a student entering grade 9 or 10 who displays exceptional achievement in math, science, and the humanities.


The scholarship, named for Abelard alumnus Buterin, co-founder of the blockchain/cryptocurrency Ethereum, reflects the breadth of his own accomplishments as a student at The Abelard School, and is funded thanks to his generous donation.

This full scholarship is valid for one academic year.

Buterin speaking at Abelard_edited.jpg

To apply for the Buterin Scholarship, please submit the following:

  1. A letter formally requesting consideration for the scholarship.

  2. A 500 word essay describing what of note the applicant has accomplished so far, and describing their future academic and life goals.

  3. A final report card from the preceding academic year, along with the most recent term report card and/or a transcript, if applicable.

  4. Two letters of recommendation. These can be from 2 teachers, or from 1 teacher and 1 other person (not a family member) who knows the candidate well (another educator,  mentor, community leader, etc.).


For more information contact The Abelard School at 416-944-0661 or

Asked by Abelard students about the necessity of a broad-based education for success, Buterin responded:

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